Why Hire a Doula?

If the doula were a drug it would be unethical
not to use it. John H. Kennell, M.D.

The day you labor and give birth is likely to be simultaneously one of the most challenging and most joyful days of your life. Having the continuous support of a knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, and caring person who truly believes in your ability to give birth is indispensable. Numerous controlled studies find that birthing parents who have the support of a birth doula experience the following benefits 1:

Labor Massage Techniques & Effects

Beyond standard doula support, as a Licensed Massage Therapist I use a variety of massage therapy techniques (including specific acupressure points) and positioning suggestions in order to do the following:

5 Practical Reasons to have the Support of a Birth Doula:

Access to well-rounded information

As a doula and a certified childbirth educator, I am knowledgeable about all of the typical medical interventions involved in childbirth as well as many natural and minimally invasive alternatives to these interventions so that you may try something less invasive before resorting to riskier medical interventions. I see births in a variety of settings with different practitioners so I have a unique view into the best practices in childbirth.

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Continuous reassurance & questions answered

Having someone by your side during labor who has seen many births and really believes in your ability to give birth will reduce your anxiety and therefore lead to a quicker and smoother birth (anxiety significantly disrupts the normal physiology of labor).

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Natural pain management

Doulas are trained in natural pain management techniques for labor. As a licensed massage therapist, I can use massage, acupressure and cupping therapy for pain management in addition to positioning suggestions, hydrotherapy (use of hot and cold water applications), breathing and focusing techniques, and so on. I use specific massage techniques that help to block the neurological pain pathways from the pelvic region to the brain.

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Advice regarding labor progress

As your doula, I will always keep an eye on how your labor is progressing. I will take note of what seems to be helping or hindering labor progress and make suggestions to you to help keep things moving and prevent problems before they arise. For example, if I notice that your labor seems to be slowing down and you have been in one position for a while, I may suggest that we talk a walk, change position, or use the bathroom (emptying the bladder can help and so can the act of simply sitting on the toilet for a little while).

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My husband was very skeptical at first but he now sings your praises and often states that he doesnt know how he would have made it with out you. He is amazed at how strong and steadfast you are and he is very thankful for your support of both us and our process. K.L., Lawyer & Mother, Brooklyn

Support for your partner

Many of my client’s partners feel that my presence takes the pressure off of them as the sole support person. I can give your partner advice on how to best support you and your partner will also have me to confide in if they are feeling anxious or have any questions. Your partner will be able to give you loving emotional support while I help you with pain management. Most partners have expressed to me that they were able to be more calm, focused, and present because of having me at the birth.

Read more Lena is currently not attending births, please contact us for personalized referrals [1] Klaus, Marshall H., John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus. [1993] 2002. The Doula Book. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.