I had back labor, so Lena’s massage techniques were essential. I’m 100% sure that I would have gotten an epidural had she not been there. Lena’s massage (along with support from her and my husband) was what got me through my labor feeling strong, calm, and as good as can be. If you want (or even think you want) terrific, experienced, consistent, and effective hands-on massage therapy to help you work through your labor, then there’s no question that Lena should be your doula. C.E.Web Editor & Mother, Brooklyn
Lena’s verbal coaching and massage techniques calmed me during labor, and her support prior to, during, and after labor were also instrumental in my having a “perfect,” natural birth.  She never pushed ideology on me, but her knowledge prompted me to ask myself and my caregiver questions which led me to choose a birth at a birthing center. The decision to have a birth without drugs was not made without hesitation, but having Lena’s support before the birth and during the pain of the labor were really key to my ultimately having the type of birth I wanted. A.C.Business Planner & Mother, Brooklyn

Your presence was more than we could have ever expected. Obviously going into labor for the first time, we had no idea what to expect. Your dedication, knowledge and energy never wavered, not even at the 46th hour! We hired you because we felt you knew the drill inside and out and your personality was that of a professional advocate. Having you present gave us peace of mind and made the entire experience better and positive. Your calm put everyone at ease. Your professionalism made you credible with the doctors and staff immediately. Your interaction and demeanor while communicating with us reflected your sincere interest in effectuating our birth plan. I could go on and on... in short you were a friend, teacher, rock, encyclopedia of information, passionate ally, and a never-wavering focused guide. I believe we had the best team in NY because of you and the doctors you recommended.

Additionally, it was even more validating to have the doctors sing your praise. You are all we know, but the doctors see doulas all the time and to hear them commend you assured me that it wasn't just me, you really are amazing. When you came over [for the postpartum follow-up visit] after the delivery I broke down partially because of how much I felt for you and what you offered us. Your skill and abilities are priceless. K.L.Lawyer & Mother, Brooklyn

Lena was instrumental to our natural birthing experience. From the instant we met with her, she listened very carefully to what we wanted and did an excellent job integrating and highlighting our wishes throughout the process.  She very consistently kept our values and priorities in mind in moments of weakness throughout pregnancy (when tired or discouraged) and was able to provide the gentle encouragement and guidance we needed to advocate for what we wanted for our child at these vulnerable moments. Lena is an incredible resource for scientifically sound information and was always able to answer our questions in an extremely thorough and thoughtful manner. Her physical and mental stamina during the actual birth experience was truly incredible and absolutely instrumental to my ability to make it through the birthing experience without medication and minimal intervention. We can’t recommend Lena enough! She is one of a kind. L.W.Neuropsychologist & Mother, Brooklyn
I could not have done it without you! The massage was most crucial and made the pain endurable (as much as it could be – definitely the worst pain by far in my life!). Also freed up my husband to focus on being my emotional support and took a lot of pressure off of him. I could not be more pleased with how my birth experience turned out [. . .] and you played such a big role in that. Thank you again!! D.F.Digital Marketer & Mother, Brooklyn
Lena’s presence at my birth made it all so much easier than it would have been otherwise. Her calming energy and experience made the time at our apartment pass quickly. Her constant physical presence at the birthing center was essential for my getting through the contractions and pushing with a (mostly) positive attitude. All aspects of her support exceeded my expectations—particularly the physical support during labor. I also got a lot out of the informational support after the birth. Coming for regular prenatal massages was great for getting to know her better and it definitely made me more comfortable in general. And the massages themselves were so beneficial for helping with various pregnancy-related aches and pains. N.B.Editor & Mother, Brooklyn
Lena was amazingly helpful during my very long labor, providing both physical and emotional support. She was my massage therapist throughout my pregnancy, and so knew what I needed during labor. I had back labor for 36 hours, and don't know how I would have survived without Lena's help. Because of the position of the baby, I was not able to lie down at all, and every contraction was very intense, even early on. Lena helped me stay calm and provided suggestions about when to change position, breathing, eating and drinking. I wanted to stay home for as long as possible before going to the hospital, and I was able to make it to 7 cm before going, because Lena provided pain relief through massage. When we got to the hospital, Lena helped us remember preferences and questions we had, and helped us advocate for what we wanted without interfering or making us feel like we had to do something a certain way. Lena really helped me make it through a long and intense labor, and was very supportive throughout. She is a great massage therapist (I'm still going to her 3+ months after the birth) and was invaluable to me and my husband as a doula. L.T.Teacher & Mother, Brooklyn
Thank you so much for all your help during the marathon arrival of our baby. Your kindness, compassion, endurance and peaceful energy really made a difficult situation calm. You made me feel safe when I was freaked out and your physical and emotional support was incredible. I couldn’t have done it without you. My deepest gratitude and joyful thanks! S.J.Professor & Mother, Ithaca
I first learned about labor support massage during a prenatal massage at Lena's. My first labor had been long and traumatic. I took two anesthesia treatments that reduced the pain, but also prolonged the labor for hours. I wanted a better experience and decided to try labor support massage. To my delight, I was much more relaxed and comfortable with the massage and was able to deliver without any pain medication at all. Three reasons account for this success. First, Lena's advice on breathing, positioning, and relaxing aided and encouraged me. Second, a pre-labor workshop with Lena gave my husband and me confidence in what to expect and how my husband could help. The workshop also strengthened the relationship with my husband. Third, Lena's intense massages during the labor calmed me, reduced the pain, and hastened the delivery. I am grateful that Lena was with us and I wish we had met her before the birth of our first child. K.B.Mother, Ithaca
After being a partner in my wife's labor both with and without labor support massage, I am convinced that massage therapy should be in the standard operating procedure for any birth. The improvement in my wife's comfort with massage was dramatic. The first labor was traumatic. Calm and focus best characterized the second labor with Lena. Because Lena was focused on my wife's physical needs (and far more capably than I could with my fumbling attempts), I could concentrate on emotional support and I was more clear-headed when making decisions (e.g., should we call the anesthesiologist? We didn't). I have enthusiastically recommended Lena to my friends with expecting wives. G.B.Professor & Father, Ithaca
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