Birth Consultation

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering these virtually - please email to book (as online booking is disabled while we are closed for in person consultations). Normally, Lena will meet with you and your partner in our office in Park Slope. Birth consultations are a great compliment to a childbirth education series. We offer birth consultation on the following topics:

Lena is an incredible resource for scientifically sound information and was always able to answer our questions in an extremely thorough and thoughtful manner. From the instant we met with her, she listened very carefully to what we wanted and did an excellent job integrating and highlighting our wishes throughout the process. L.W., Neuropsychologist & Mother, Brooklyn

Choosing or Changing your Care Provider

90 minute consult: $160

If you are newly pregnant it can be overwhelming to figure out where you want to give birth and who would be the best type of caregiver for you: hospital, birth center, or home? Midwife, family physician or obstetrician? Why would you not just use the Ob/Gyn that you have already been seeing for years?

Maybe you are further along in your pregnancy and not sure that your caregiver or hospital is the right match for you? It is never too late to change providers or birth settings. I have supported many expectant parents through transfers of care to new providers or a new birth setting, even late in pregnancy. Let’s discuss your options.

I have seen births at homes, hospitals, free standing birth centers, and in-hospital birth centers. I have worked with many different midwives and obstetricians. My unique viewpoint as a birth doula can give you some perspective on what the different options are really like so that you can make an informed decision regarding your care. I will listen carefully to your preferences and help direct you to some midwives or obstetricians who I think would be a great match for you.

Pregnancy Art by Zhang Xiaohng

Clarifying your Birth Preferences / Writing your “Birth Plan”

2 hour consult + 30 minute phone follow-up: $225

I will help you understand all of your options surrounding your labor and birth so that you can clarify your preferences and communicate them effectively with your care provider. I will help you understand which routine interventions are supported by the medical literature and which are not evidence-based so that you can make informed decisions. I will guide you in exactly what questions to ask your care provider regarding the possible interventions that will be suggested in your birth setting.

After our first consult and you’ve had the chance to talk with your caregiver and write out your birth preferences (aka, birth plan), I will read over your birth prefernces and we will have a follow-up phone consult to discuss what changes in plans you may need to make based on what your learned from your care provider. I will focus on helping you find ways to make your birth more closely resemble your preferences despite certain restrictions that you may find inherent in your birth setting. I can even help support you in changing care providers or settings if you find the restrictions to be unsuitable for you.