Birth Tub Rentals

Rent the heated AquaDoula birth tub for your home birth

Why use a birth tub?
Laboring in a tub large and deep enough to allow you (and your partner) to be in a supported upright position while fully submerging your abdomen is one of the most powerful natural pain relievers for labor and birth. Whether you are planning a waterbirth or not, you will find great benefit to laboring in the tub. Laboring in a tub once you are in active labor can actually speed your labor up, reduce your level of pain, and even decrease the incidence of perineal tears (likely due to the softening of tissue by the warm water).

The AquaDoula is the only heated birth tub - ensuring that your water is constantly maintained at a safe and appropriate temperature throughout your labor and birth (other non-heated tubs often require frequent additions hot water from the stove to maintain enough warmth to be comfortable for mom and safe for baby's birth - especially in long labors).

The tub is 4 feet 6 inches in diameter and 2 feet deep - it can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and it is very sturdy and supportive.

What's included in your rental:

   ~   All parts needed for assembling the tub including the temperature-control plug
   ~   Detailed instruction booklet
   ~   One disposable tub liner
   ~   Floating thermometer
   ~   Faucet attachments
   ~   Sump Pump for quick draining

5 week rental (37 - 42 weeks or until you give birth) is $275.

Watch a short video clip (on our home page) of Lena attending a labor with a client using our AquaDoula Tub.

Contact Lena to reserve the birth tub